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Because there are so many counterfit "fake" TAG #45 Gel on the market from Asia and Mexico and other countries, you can now determine if you have the REAL product. Bottles shipping now have a small sticker by Hiddentag on each TAG #45 bottle. Call 888-452-4946 if you have any questions about your TAG #45 that may have been shipped earlier.
1. Look for the small sticker on the side of the TAG #45 Bottle
2. Download the Hiddentag app on your smart phone
3. Open the Hiddentag app. Click on HIDDEN TAG SCAN. TAP the rectangle box and position over sticker.
4. The Photo below will come up if it is a GENUINE TAG #45 product.

If there is NO Hiddentag label on the bottle, it is NOT Genuine TAG #45 Gel.

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Reports of Counterfeit TAG #45 have revealed sources in China shipping via the Internet on various websites including eBay and Amazon. No genuine Unit Dose products are sold on those sites. Customers of the genuine product report that the counterfeit is brownish in color and stings and has caused eye infections which have needed treatment. One distributor has confirmed that they have sold the counterfeit TAG #45 and one of their customers from Mexico reported that her client ended up in the hospital. So at least two cases of eye damage have been reported. Reports from both China and the U.S. state that the FAKE topical has no effect to decrease bleeding or swelling. How can you tell if it a counterfeit? Give us a call and we can help you. Contact Unit Dose at 888/452-4946 if you have questions or need more information. Insist on the GENUINE, ORIGINAL products from Unit DoseĀ  for your safety and that of your clients.